Benefits Of Using A CNC Lathe Machine Shop

Do you currently use a manual lathe to move some kind of tool around an axis? While you may be able to get the job done, you may not be working as quickly or efficiently as you could be. Today, businesses that need a lathe to get the job done are outsourcing at least part of this task to a CNC lathe machine shop. Here's why going the Computer Numerical Control route at a local machine shop might be the right option for your own business. 

No Human Error

When you use a manual lathe, there are of course quality control measures in place to make sure the lathe rotates the tool properly each time, but the fact is, there is still a human operator involved and no human being is perfect. When you use a manual lathe, it's possible some of your product creations or final materials might be less than absolutely perfect. If you want each and every one of your products to end up as consistent and accurate as you can possibly make them, a CNC lathe can help you accomplish these goals. Computer-operated lathes will provide the same exact movement each and every time, leading to more consistency.

Automation Speeds Things Up

With a manual lathe, you need to have a trained, skilled lathe operator on site to get your setup moving properly. But workers need to clock off eventually and then come back the next day. At a CNC machine shop, an automated system can be set up that could have the lathes in operation around the clock. In general, using a CNC lathe at a local machine shop to help you create your materials or products will make your business more efficient and hopefully lead to a higher overall yield and more money coming into your bottom line.

Create Any Shape

With a manual lathe, it can require an especially skilled operator in order to create certain types of shapes. Creating a perfect circle or sphere, for example, might be more difficult than other shapes. But when you use a CNC lathe at a local machine shop, the computer is the one in control and it will most likely create that perfect circle or whatever other shape you may need without issue. Going the CNC route may actually allow you to update your products or create new products using different types of shapes or designs that you could not use before.

Reach out to a CNC lathe machine shop to learn more.