5 Questions To Ask A Potential Propane Supplier

Whether you only use propane for a few appliances or have it as a main energy source, regular and dependable delivery is a must. The following are a few questions to ask any potential propane supplier

1. Do They Serve Your Area?

Propane delivery services typically have very loose service boundaries, but there is typically a boundary where additional delivery fees apply. Some set up their main service boundaries to follow county lines, while others deliver for free at a set mile radius from their base of operations and then charge outside of this radius. Be aware of these various boundaries so you can more accurately compare pricing. 

2. Is Pre-Buying or Contracts an Option?

Many suppliers provide pre-buying options, which allow you to lock in your propane price when it is at its lowest point for the year. These options typically come with a contract stating that you will buy a certain minimum or that you will be locked to the supplier for a certain period of time. You may also be required to take propane deliveries at specified intervals in order to qualify for the special pricing.

3. Are There Maintenance Plans Available?

There is often an option to own your propane tank or rent one from your supplier. If you opt to rent, verify that the supplier you choose provides rentals and maintenance of the rentals that they supply. For those that own their tanks, it is necessary to check that a potential supplier will deliver to your type of tank. Further, it can be useful if they offer maintenance services for homeowner-owned tanks so you don't need to hire a separate company for this task. 

4. How Are Deliveries Scheduled?

Some propane companies have pre-set delivery routes, which means you will get your delivery on the same day at regular monthly intervals. This method allows for cost savings that can be passed on to the customer as routes are planned out for efficiency. Other companies may give the option for you to choose delivery day or frequency. Know the cost difference between these options so you can compare them accurately.

5. What Is Included on the Fee Schedule?

Many suppliers provide a new customer special that waives some of the normal fees, so always ask to see the fee schedule instead of just assuming your initial price will be the same price going forward. Fees may include delivery fees, access fees depending on the location of your fuel valve, and after-hours fees, among others. Having a fee schedule in hand makes it easier to compare different providers in your area.

Contact a propane supplier in your area for more information.