Why Use Dust Containment Wrap When You Install A New Factory Ceiling?

If you need to install a new ceiling in your factory, then you should think about what will happen when you take the old ceiling down. You need to take extra care to contain waste during the job.

You'll find this easier if you install interior ceiling debris containment wraps under the old ceiling before you remove it. What are the benefits of doing this?

Prevent The Spread Of Dust And Debris

If you have a high ceiling, then any dust or debris you create during the removal process will filter down through your building. It won't just land in neat piles on the floor, but it'll spread all over the space. This makes it hard for your crew to work on the job. They'll have to deal with particles in the air as they work.

Plus, if you have work areas, machines, or equipment on your factory floor, then some dust and debris will settle on them. Even if you cover them with protective plastic, small particles could get under these layers. These particles could cause some damage.

If you install a layer of containment wrap, then you create a suspended plastic boundary under the ceiling. Any debris and dust will fall on the sheet. As long as you install the wrap right across the building, the dust and debris will stay on it. It won't filter down under the wrap's layer.

So, the area under the wrap stays clean and safe. You don't have to worry about protecting anything on the ground.

Reduce Post-Job Cleaning

If your factory space is empty, then you might not be too worried about containing debris and dust when you take down your old ceiling. However, if you don't do this, then you'll have to spend more time cleaning up once the job is done.

You'll have piles of debris and dust on the floor. Finer particles will stick to walls and windows, and people will track them into other parts of your building. You'll have a big clean-up job on your hands. Even carrying loads of waste out of your factory could leave some debris on the floor.

If you use an interior ceiling dust containment wrap, then you simply have to remove the wrap. As you do this, you close the wrap around the waste it holds to contain the pieces and particles. The wrap is strong enough to hold larger chunks of ceiling waste without breaking or tearing, so you won't track dust or debris through your factory as you take the old ceiling outside to dispose of it.

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