Cleaning Tips For Materials Receiving Zinc-Nickel Plating

Metal components are able to last so much longer thanks to zinc-nickel plating. That is only true though if the plating is applied correctly, which is dependent on the cleaning that takes place on the metals prior to receiving zinc-nickel plating. Here are some cleaning protocols you want to observe when using this plating process for added metal durability. 

Use a Cleaning Detergent

There may be things on your metals like dirt and particles that came in from shipping. You can't leave these particles on your metals because they will directly impact how zinc-nickel plating is applied.

You need to clean them using a strong detergent that's compatible with your metals. You'll use the detergent all over the metals to ensure no contamination gets in the way and causes sublime zinc-nickel plating results.

Create a Warm Bath for Soaking

One of the most effective ways to administer detergent cleaning solutions on metals receiving zinc-nickel plating is dipping them into a bath. You then will be able to clean in a controlled way without risking further contamination from your hands.

This bath is only going to be effective in cleaning your materials if it's warm. That's going to allow the detergent cleaning products to mix a lot better and subsequently take things off your metals a lot more effectively. Once you've created a warm bath environment that's appropriately sized, you can let your metals soak until all purities have been removed.

Clean Until Stains Are Removed

There may be some stains on your metals. If these stains will impact the project in a negative way as clients want their plated metals to have a certain visual, then you need to focus on these stains when performing cleaning steps.

Continue using detergent cleaning products and dipping the metals into warm baths with these solutions until you can verify stains are removed. Multiple cleaning cycles may be required for stains on your metals to completely come off. Your clients will appreciate the visual effect you're able to achieve.

Metals that receive zinc-nickel plating finishes usually end up lasting a lot longer. If you're hoping these properties do play out in your favor, make sure you perform the right cleaning steps before your metals receive this type of plating. Cleaning is paramount to the overall results you'll see. 

After properly cleaning the metals, you can apply the zinc-nickel plating to the metals. Contact a zinc-nickel plating service for more information.