3 Reasons To Add A Crane To Your Pharmaceutical Clean Room

Handling medications is a delicate process. Contamination is always a concern for pharmaceutical companies trying to maintain a clean room where medications can be packaged, tested, or made.

The last thing you may be thinking about introducing into your pharmaceutical cleanroom is a crane, but a crane could be just what you need to improve productivity. A crane can be a valuable addition to your cleanroom over time.

1. Protect Your Employees

Employees working in pharmaceutical cleanrooms are exposed to many hazards. Heavy items must be moved from one location to another, and this type of lifting has the potential to cause serious employee injury.

A crane can alleviate the workload you put on your cleanroom employees by allowing a machine to do the heavy lifting. The potential for employee back injuries will be reduced with the addition of a crane, and the potential for product loss or damage will be reduced as well.

2. Increase Productivity

The amount of time that it takes an employee to physically move heavy boxes or equipment can jeopardize the productivity of your pharmaceutical cleanroom. Each time an employee has to transport a heavy item, the flow of work is interrupted. A crane can help reduce the number and duration of delays experienced within your cleanroom.

Multiple heavy items can be loaded onto a crane simultaneously. It may take an employee several trips to move what a crane can transport in one trip. By increasing the volume of product that can be moved in one trip, you effectively increase the overall productivity of your cleanroom.

3. Prevent Contamination

Human contact is monitored closely in a pharmaceutical cleanroom. Any employee contact with the medications being handled in a clean room could result in the transfer of germs, viruses, and other contaminants.

Having a crane available in your cleanroom can prevent contamination. Cranes can be fully sanitized with industrial chemicals each day, making them much cleaner than employee's hands. Moving your heavy items with a crane will reduce human contact and help preserve the safety and integrity of your cleanroom over time.

A crane is a valuable addition to any pharmaceutical cleanroom. The addition of a crane can help you improve the productivity, safety, and cleanliness of the space as you work to bring prescription medications safely to the consumer market. Consider a pharmaceutical cleanroom crane in the future. Contact a supplier to learn more about cranes.