Gate Styles For Your Commercial Property

A gated entry will help you keep track of who is entering or exiting your property and can be used as a security feature when your business grounds are going to be unattended. If fencing is going to encompass the perimeter of the staff parking area or a section of land that contains storage buildings and machinery, choose a gate design to add along the front of the enclosure. 

Automatic Systems

An automatic gate system uses sensor technology to determine when a car approaches. Utilizing this type of gate along with a camera, a ticket dispenser, or a manned station will allow you to calculate the number of motorists who enter or exit the premises. An automatic gate includes swinging, lifting, and sliding models. More clearance will be required for a system that contains a gate that will swing open in comparison to a system that lifts up or slides.

Assess the property layout and any natural or permanent features that are on it. Determine where an ideal location for a gate will be and clear away any overgrowth that could interfere with the installation or operation of a gate. An automatic gate can contain custom materials, including wooden and metal components.

Choose a design that will allow you to hang signage from the gate or invest in separate signs that can be installed along the front of the property. Signs can be used to alert motorists to any restrictions concerning gate access or to inform people about a timed feature that will result in the gate opening or closing at timed intervals.

Manual Gates

Manual gates can possess the same characteristics as the fencing that it is adjoined to, which will give the enclosure a uniform appearance. Contrasting materials can also be used to design this type of opening. Solid materials that form a panel or ones that are spaced out and allow light to filter through will supply a gate with varying levels of privacy.

Choose the manner in which you prefer a gate to be opened. A motorist may be required to exit their vehicle and lift a bar or a latch prior to pushing a gate open. If you are not going to allow people to access the gate independently and will only be granting access when an employee is present to check people in, choose a gate that contains a locking feature that can be activated remotely or via a touchpad. 

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