Keep It Cool: How To Care For Your Data Center Cooling Towers

When it comes to protecting your data center from temperature-related meltdowns, the cooling towers may be your most important asset. With cooling towers, the temperatures around your data center can reach critical levels. Unfortunately, once that happens, the electronic equipment inside your data center is at risk for catastrophic failure. The best way to avoid that risk is to keep your cooling towers running at maximum efficiency. During the summer, the cooling towers around your data center work to protect your electronic equipment. Now that summer is over, you might think you can stop worrying about the cooling towers, but that's not the case. If you haven't implemented a cooling tower maintenance program, now's the perfect time to get started on that. Here are four steps you need to include in the program. 

Ensure Proper Cleaning and Sanitizing

If you don't have a routine for cleaning and sanitizing your cooling towers, you need to take care of that as soon as possible. Cleaning and sanitizing your cooling towers is an important step in protecting your investment. Your cooling towers should actually be cleaned and sanitized at least twice a year. That's the best way to avoid problems with the water inside the towers. Without proper cleaning and sanitizing, the water inside your cooling towers could become contaminated with algae and bacteria. 

Protect the Vital Cooling Tower Parts

When you depend on your data center, it's crucial that you protect the vital parts of your cooling towers. That includes repairing and replacing damaged parts as soon as possible. It's especially important that you pay attention to the pumps and the fans. The pumps are responsible for filtering cooled water throughout the tower. The fans protect your data center by circulating air around the cooling towers. If either the fans or the pumps stop working, they need to be repaired or replaced immediately. When those components aren't working properly, your data center is at risk of overheating. 

Keep the Sensors Properly Calibrated

If you want to avoid cooling tower malfunctions, you need to make sure that the sensors are properly calibrated at all times. Your cooling towers have three important sensors. Those sensors monitor temperature, water flow, and water levels. Proper calibration of those sensors ensures that your cooling towers will provide your data center with the temperature protection it needs. 

Monitor the Automated System Valves

Finally, when it comes to maintaining your cooling towers, be sure that the automated system valves are working properly. Improper calibration can destroy your cooling towers, which can lead to a temperature overload for your data center. 

Don't take chances with your cooling towers. Use the tips provided here to keep them working at peak efficiency throughout the year. For more information about caring for your cooling tower parts, contact a local parts manufacturer.