Use Hex Head Bolts To Complete A Dock Extension Project

Extending a dock so that it traverses further across the water that meets the shoreline requires materials that are durable and rust-resistant. If the original dock style utilizes pressure treated wood dock planking, measure the width and length of each plank, and purchase enough planks and braces to complete the extension. Since the dock will be required to support your weight or the weight of anyone else who will be utilizing the structure, the type of fastener that you choose to secure the planks is essential.

Hex Hold Bolts Are A Universal Fastener

Hex head bolts are a strong and reliable fastener type that can be utilized in commercial and residential applications. Fully threaded bolts consist of threading that covers the entire shaft of the screw portion and will make it easy to drive each fastener through wooden pieces that already have holes in them.

Partial threaded bolts contain threading near the base of each screw. This type of bolt will require more force to secure it through two or more materials, but because part of the shaft does not contain grooves, the fastener will possess incredible strength and will prevent materials from shifting or vibrating.

The Wide Top Makes It Easy To Grip

Fasteners are finished with varying metals. The finishes each provide hex head bolts with their shininess and rust-resistance properties. Since you are performing an application that is outdoors and high water levels will likely dampen the dock on occasion, a non-corrosive finish is a quality that you should be most concerned about when shopping for hex head bolts. Stainless steel or galvanized fasteners are both rust-resistant.

Determine the thickness of each plank and brace that you will need to secure together and use these combined measurements to aid in choosing bolts that contain a longer shaft length. Because the head of a bolt will be clunky in design and contain six sides, you will be able to easily grip each fastener, either by hand or with the tool that is being used to install and tighten the bolts.

The design of this type of hardware will also make it possible to secure boards and braces from the underside of the dock or along areas that are difficult to reach. Before adding onto the deck, purchase plenty of hardware, lay out the planks, and compile all of the hand tools that you will need to successfully complete the addition.

For more information on hex head bolts, reach out to a local fastener supplier.