Picking Out A Lite Kit For Your Interior Business Doors

If you own a commercial building and have hundreds of employees, then it is your job to make sure that safety is your number-one priority. And, this means ensuring that all walkways are free and clear with minimal risk of injuries. If you currently have solid doors inside your building, then corridors may not be as safe as they should be. So, consider a lite kit for this. Keep reading to find out what a lite kit is and how to pick the right one.

What Is a Lite Kit?

A lite kit is a product that lets you insert a window into a solid door. This allows light to cascade through the door, and it also provides for visibility. Both of these benefits increase safety and allow for more movement throughout your business.

The kit itself includes the window frame, the piece of glass inserted into the frame, and glazing tape. The glazing tape secures the glass in the frame once the frame is installed properly. And, frames and glass pieces come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes. 

The kit is meant for retrofitting, meaning that the window is inserted into a door that is already installed inside your business. However, it is wise to remove the door from the frame during the installation process. And, you will need to use a precise installation process to not only cut out the opening but to seal the frame and the glass properly. For example, the frame is set with angled screws so it does not impede on the glass and the glass must be secured in this frame with a thick layer of glazing.

How To Choose A Lite Kit?

When picking out your kit, you want to start with window options. Consider whether you want the window for light or for safety purposes. Additional light can be acquired through the installation of a square window set high on the door. If you want to give employees the opportunity to see through the window, then a long rectangular one installed towards the center is a better choice.

Tempered glass is available and so is wire glass. Wire glass is ideal if you want your doors to remain fire-rated, and they are best placed inside metal doors. Keep in mind that the glass will require a more substantial and professional-grade glazing product. For this reason, you should invest in the professional installation of the lite kit.

In addition to the glass, you can choose the material for the frame. Most frames are made out of metal, and you can pick from lightweight aluminum or steel.

For more information, reach out to a company like All Metal Stamping to learn more about lite kits.