3 Reasons To Outsource Refinery Turnaround Management

Turnarounds are essential to the success of any refinery. It doesn't matter if your refinery is processing crude oil, natural gas, or chemicals; routine maintenance via a turnaround helps to keep things running smoothly.

Unfortunately, a poorly executed turnaround could compromise the efficiency and productivity of your refinery. It can be beneficial to bring in an outside source to manage your turnarounds in the future.

1. Dedicated Planning Services

The key to a successful and efficient refinery turnaround is thorough planning. Each phase of the turnaround must be planned to the last detail — from the initial shutdown until the refinery is running at full capacity once again.

Executives don't have time to incorporate the planning process into their busy schedules. Outsourcing the management of all refinery turnarounds will give you access to a dedicated planning professional that can devote the time and attention required to the planning process.

Having someone whose sole focus is on executing a seamless turnaround will reduce the likelihood of unexpected problems or delays.

2. Integrated Communication Services

A turnaround cannot be completed without the help of several groups of individuals. Refinery executives, refinery employees, contractors, and subcontractors must all work together to efficiently shut down a refinery in order to make timely repairs.

It can be difficult for the many people involved in a turnaround project to communicate with one another regularly. This lack of communication can cause problems once the turnaround is launched, so it can be beneficial to have a hired professional manage your turnaround services.

A management professional will be able to act as a central liaison for all parties involved in the turnaround and integrate all communications across departments in preparation for a major turnaround.

3. Reduced Turnaround Costs

A scheduled turnaround can be costly for any refinery. Minimizing the cost of a scheduled downtime in productivity is essential to the success of a refinery once a turnaround is complete.

Professional refinery turnaround management services have the ability to help reduce your turnaround costs. Historical data from past turnarounds can be analyzed to identify areas of waste.

A turnaround management professional can also bring his or her experience with other refinery turnarounds to your project, implementing processes that can keep expenditures as low as possible.

The amount of money saved during a professionally managed turnaround will help offset the cost of hiring a management service to oversee the scheduled shutdown of your refinery.