Hydraulic Tools You May Find For Rent For Your Project

The world of hydraulic tools is pretty massive, and there are many times when you may need one of these tools to perform a task. Here is a look at just a few of the hydraulic tools you may find for rent. 

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches 

Hydraulic torque wrenches are perhaps some of the most commonly requested tool rentals. These handheld torque wrenches have the ability to both tighten and loosen bolts that need to be specifically and perfectly tightened to prevent leaks or other issues. You may find bolts applied with a hydraulic torque wrench on automobiles, farm equipment, and all kinds of heavy machinery, but these bolts are also commonly used in the oil and gas industry. 

Hydraulic Hammer Drills 

Hydraulic hammer drills are heavily relied on in construction. These drills have a large amount of power that makes it possible to hammer right through dense materials like natural stone or concrete. There are many instances in which these drills are valuable, such as if you need to drill through a piece of concrete in order to install a pipe. 

Hydraulic Pullers or Spreaders 

Hydraulic pullers, which are sometimes also referred to as hydraulic spreaders, are designed to remove parts that may be fitted to some kind of shaft. For example, you may find a bearing that is attached to a shaft on an automobile that cannot be removed by hand or with typical tools. These spreaders offer several tons of force, which means you can remove something that has been firmly clamped in place without a hassle. 

Hydraulic Shop Press 

You can walk into just about any machine shop or woodworking shop and find a hydraulic press. These heavy-duty tools serve a variety of purposes, but they are commonly used to press parts together. For example, a gear going onto a shaft may have to be put in place with a hydraulic press just the same as it will have to be removed with a hydraulic spreader. 

Hydraulic Post Drivers 

Driving posts into the ground the old-fashioned way by hand does not always yield the most stable outcome. A hydraulic post driver utilizes the power of hydraulics to firmly drive posts into the ground with a great amount of force. These units are highly prized by professional fence installers and farmers alike because they simplify the process of installing a sturdy fence. The hydraulic post driver can be adjusted to work with varied types of fence posts, from wood to metal. 

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