4 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Using Listeria Enrichment Broth For Food Safety Testing

Your business might have invested in listeria enrichment broth so that you can perform in-house food safety testing. Because you have made this investment, and because your business is probably committed to practicing the best food safety practices that you can, you probably want to ensure that you and your employees do not make any mistakes. These are some of the mistakes that you might be making when using listeria enrichment broth, but making a few simple changes can help you prevent future problems. This will allow you to make the most out of listeria enrichment broth and can help your business put the proper focus on food safety.

1. Using Listeria Enrichment Broth That Has Been Improperly Stored

One common issue that is made in food processing facilities and other businesses is not storing the listeria enrichment broth properly. Typically, you should make sure that you store it in a cool, dark place. Otherwise, the listeria enrichment broth's quality could be put in jeopardy. This both means that the broth might not last as long and that your test results could be compromised. If you aren't sure, you can read the package that your listeria enrichment broth came in; this should provide you with detailed information about how to properly store it.

2. Not Using Sanitary Processes

Another common mistake is not using sanitary processes when performing food testing with listeria enrichment broth. This could taint your results. Make sure that you use clean, sterilized equipment when you are performing testing, and make sure that employees are wearing gloves when handling the broth or the testing materials.

3. Not Having Properly Trained Employees Perform the Testing

You might be hoping that your employees can handle training in house, but you will first need to make sure that they are properly trained and prepared. Otherwise, they might mistakes with the testing, which can cause obvious problems. If necessary, you may need to hire experienced employees who know how to handle this type of food safety testing to avoid any problems.

4. Not Giving Testing Enough Time

With the right listeria enrichment broth and the right testing procedures, you should be able to get results pretty quickly. However, this does not mean that you or your employees should rush through the testing process. Make sure that you give the broth enough time to give proper results anytime that you perform testing. If you rush through testing, you might not get accurate results.

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