4 Tips For Buying Water Heaters For Your Manufacturing Facility

If you operate a manufacturing facility, you might need to purchase water heaters for use in the facility. After all, hot water is a must for things like handwashing, supplying hot water for use by your industrial equipment, and more. If it's time to purchase industrial water heaters for your manufacturing facility, you should remember these four tips.

1. Purchase Multiple Water Heaters

There are industrial water heaters out there that are very large and that can supply and hold a lot of hot water. In many cases, though, these large water heaters are not the best choice for use in an industrial facility. Instead, you may find that you are better off purchasing multiple smaller industrial water heaters for use throughout the facility. This will help you prevent your business from being dependent on just one water heater, and it will also help make installation much easier, particularly for a very large facility that has a lot of plumbing.

2. Consider Tankless Water Heaters

Instead of water heaters that have tanks, consider investing in tankless water heaters for your manufacturing facility. These are typically much more efficient, which can make a big difference, particularly in an industrial environment. They will also help you ensure that your facility always has access to plenty of hot water. Plus, these water heaters don't take up nearly as much space as traditional industrial water heaters, which leaves more room for machinery and equipment.

3. Ensure Installation is Done With Building Codes in Mind

When having your industrial water heaters installed, ensure that they are installed by a professional who has industrial experience. The process isn't too different from installing residential water heaters, but there are often additional building codes that have to be followed, too. A professional with industrial water heater installation experience should be able to abide by these building codes when installing one or more water heaters within your facility.

4. Be Mindful of Temperatures

Lastly, since a lot of people might work in your factory and have access to the hot water, it is important for you to think about safety. If your water heaters are turned up too high, then the water might get hot enough to cause your employees to burn themselves. You may want to consider reducing the temperature on your water heaters to prevent an employee from being injured. If this is not possible with all of the water heaters in your facility, you may want to consider it for the water heaters that supply water for hand washing stations and other plumbing fixtures that might regularly be used by employees.

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